Petr Mitrichev

Legendary Competitive Programmer

Why Petr

Many would say why Petr when the best Competitive Programmer today is Gennady Korotkevich(tourist).

Awesome answer given by Makoto Soejima(rng_58)

I started competitive programming in 2007. At that time, all football kids dreamed of becoming Messi and Ronaldo. All tennis kids dreamed of becoming Federer and Nadal. All TopCoder kids including me dreamed of becoming Petr and tomek. The highlight of this Petr/tomek era was the Final of TCO 2008.

A few years later, ACRush also reached another planet by reaching #1 in TopCoder and winning GCJ by a huge margin. In this era, Petr and ACRush always dominated all contests in competitive programming.

A few years later, tourist reached another planet too by winning all contests he participated in. As you all know, it is Petr/tourist era now(2017), they dominate all contests these days.

Others may come and go but Petr stays. This is the reason he is consistently in the top 2 for so many years.


  • Won 100+ SRMs on Topcoder.
  • Won Rusian Code Cup in 2011,2013 & 2015.
  • Won Facebook Hacker Cup in 2011,2013 & 2017.
  • Won Yandex.Algorithm in 2011.
  • Won IPSC in 2011 & 2013.
  • Won Topcoder Open in 2006,2013 & 2015.
  • Won Topcoder Collegiate Contest in 2006 & 2007.
  • Won Google Code Jam in 2006.
  • Won gold medal at ACM ICPC World Finals in 2003 & 2005.
  • Won gold medal at IOI in 2000 & 2002.

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